Fresh Truck: Healthy Foods for Seniors in Massachusetts

Today, we have a special interview with Joe Pereira, Director of Marketing and Community Relations at United Health Care Community Plan, who is featured on El Mundo Boston “De Ocho a Nueve” show. Discusses how they are helping our community achieve healthy eating habits.

Free Healthy Foods for Everyone

In recent years, United Health Care has worked tirelessly to ensure our community remains healthy, especially our seniors who need more attention and services.

An Opportunity to Improve Your Health

United Health Care Community Plan has implemented initiatives to address the social factors affecting our health. These factors include access to healthy foods, transportation, stable employment, and adequate housing.

One of the standout programs is the collaboration with Fresh Truck, which brings fresh foods to the communities that need them the most.

Benefits of the Fresh Truck Program: Free Healthy Foods

Starting in June, members of United Health Care Senior Care Options can use their benefit cards to purchase fresh products at weekly market stops in various Boston locations.

This program not only provides free access to healthy foods for members 65+ but also contributes to the overall well-being and food security of the community.

How to Participate and Get More Information

For those who are not United Health Care members, Fresh Truck accepts multiple payment methods, including credit cards and cash. Additionally, our bilingual representatives will be at different locations to answer any questions about our program in your language.

To get more information about the dates and times of the Fresh Truck mobile markets, visit or call 866-325-4811.

This is a unique opportunity to improve your diet and well-being with the support of United Health Care Community Plan.

Community Invitation

We encourage all our members to invite their friends to these events. The Fresh Truck mobile markets are open to the public, and everyone is welcome. Make sure to take advantage of this excellent opportunity to access fresh and healthy foods.

For any additional questions, do not hesitate to call 866-325-4811. United Health Care is here to help you live a healthier life.

Visit the United Health Care booth for more information on the Fresh Truck locations and other community events of interest.