Strengthening the Community: Impact of in 2023

We are pleased to present the 2023 Impact report of MyHealthFair, a testament to our ongoing commitment to the Massachusetts community.

This 2023 Impact report is not just a collection of data and statistics; it’s also a window into our dedication to continuous improvement and service to both organizations providing services and resources to the community and our visitors and audience.

In an effort to promote transparency and accountability, we share the achievements, challenges, and learnings from the past year.

We firmly believe that by communicating our actions and results, we not only strengthen the trust of our audience but also foster a culture of continuous improvement and community collaboration.

The 2023 Impact report represents our commitment to best practices and our determination to continue serving the Massachusetts community with quality resources and support.

Strengthening the Community: Impact of in 2023

Purpose and Creation was born with a clear purpose: to eliminate barriers to accessing healthcare, especially for the Latino community. Language barriers, lack of information, and misconceptions are some of the challenges our community faces, and our platform aims to be a bridge between the population and healthcare and social service providers.

Community Impact

Our health fair not only benefits participants by providing information and resources but also serves the community at large.

Through blogs, videos, and downloadable content, we disseminate valuable health information. The strategic alliance with El Mundo Boston has further expanded our reach, ensuring that a greater number of people have access to essential health resources.

Commitment in Numbers: Impact of MyHealthFair in 2023

18K Visitors to the Virtual Health Fair

In 2023, My Health Fair saw participation from over 18,000 visitors on its virtual platform, marking a significant milestone in connecting the Latino community with healthcare providers.

Visitors not only explored available resources but also actively participated in virtual booths, interacting with healthcare professionals and accessing vital information.

Visitor Demographics: Women aged 18-54

The demographic profile of participants in My Health Fair in 2023 reflects the diversity and breadth of our community.

Our audience included women aged 18 to 54, representing a wide age range and an active interest in seeking health information and resources.


In 2023, we experienced significant community engagement with our specific resources on the blog.

Over 6,000 visitors were interested in our blog, exploring a variety of topics related to health and well-being.

Access to Health Resources

Our presence on LinkedIn strengthened, reaching over 8,800 professionals and garnering 1,915 views on the “Health Literacy and Resources” newsletter articles, with 104 new subscribers.

Videos on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram made a significant impact, accumulating over 2,100 views and reaching over 20,000 people, highlighting the relevance and interest of our audience in the visual content we provide.

Participation of Healthcare Organizations and Service Providers

The active participation of committed organizations is crucial to the success of From medical research programs to comprehensive care centers, each exhibitor plays a crucial role in promoting health and well-being in our community.

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Access to Health Resources

Our platform continues to evolve to ensure accessibility to quality health information and resources. Through strategic partnerships and dedication to accessibility, serves as a reliable resource for diverse communities seeking information and support to improve their well-being.

Innovations and Improvements

We have implemented significant changes to our website to enhance user experience and provide more detailed metrics on the performance of each booth. These innovations will allow us to continuously adapt and improve our content to meet the needs of our evolving community.

We invite you to download this report from our resources section and share it with your loved ones, colleagues, and friends. We firmly believe that by communicating our actions and results, we strengthen trust and foster a culture of collaboration and continuous improvement. So join us on this journey as we work together to build a healthier and more connected community.

Thank you for being part of our My Health Fair family.