Cancer survivors: recognition of their strength and resilience

Celebrating cancer survivors is an important way to recognize the strength and resilience of those who have overcome the disease.

Surviving cancer can be a long and difficult journey, beginning with a diagnosis and continuing through treatment, recovery and beyond.

It is for this reason that those who have been through it deserve recognition and support.

The experience is different for everyone, but there are some common themes, raising awareness of the ongoing challenges survivors may face is a source of inspiration for those beginning the journey.

Receiving a diagnosis can be a difficult and overwhelming time, as news about cancer can be life-changing.

With treatment, cancer survivors can experience a variety of physical and emotional side effects including anxiety, depression and fear of recurrence.

Support from family, friends and healthcare professionals are critical during this time.

In the recovery process is monitoring the disease and assessing side effects.

Even some cancer survivors may also be referred to a rehabilitation program to help them regain strength and mobility, lifestyle changes, in order to reduce the risk of cancer recurrence.

The experience of being a cancer survivor is complex and can be emotionally challenging.

Many cancer survivors report feeling a sense of gratitude for their second chance at life, but also acknowledge the constant uncertainty and fear of recurrence.

My Health Fair - Cancer survivors

On April 6, we celebrate cancer survivors with Dana Farber Cancer Institute

A virtual celebration for local Cancer survivors, sharing their stories of faith, hope and strength.

The purpose of this celebration is:

Raising awareness about cancer, its treatments and the challenges faced by survivors:

Helping to dispel myths and misconceptions about the disease and promote a greater understanding of the disease.

Provide hope be a source of inspiration and hope for others currently battling cancer

When survivors share their stories of overcoming cancer, they can help encourage others to persevere and stay positive during their own cancer journey.

Build a sense of community among those who have gone through similar experiences

Sharing stories and connecting with other survivors can help people feel less alone and provide a source of support during and after cancer treatment.

For many cancer survivors, talking about their experiences can be a cathartic and healing process, helping them process their emotions and come to terms with what they have been through.

We invite you to participate in this celebration!

By sharing their stories, survivors regain a sense of self and identity after going through this process and at the same time create space for people who are facing a diagnosis or going through the disease.

For more information, visit the Dana Farber Cancer Institute’s table.

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