Dimock Center: national model in community health services

The Dimock Center was the first hospital in New England opened and operated by women for women.

The Dimock Center is a national model in providing comprehensive community health services, primarily in Boston’s underserved neighborhoods.

Who can benefit from the Dimock Center?

The Dimock Center focuses particularly on African American and Latino residents of Roxbury, Dorchester, Mattapan, and Jamaica Plain.

It is estimated that it provides comprehensive health and behavioral health services to more than 19,000 individuals annually, where 65% of these patients do not speak English as their first language.

Dimock has bilingual/bicultural staff members who generally live in the same neighborhoods as the patients they serve.

What services does the Dimock Center offer?

Offers comprehensive health care services programs for adults and children with specialized clinics.

These services include women’s health and obstetrics and gynecology, HIV/AIDS, vision and dental care.

Additionally, it provides inpatient, residential and outpatient substance use treatment and recovery services.

This is for those struggling with mental illness, developmental disabilities, substance abuse or violence issues.

Through this initiative, a positive impact has been made for many families in the community.

Dimock Center services are designed to address the physical, developmental and behavioral needs of the community:

Health Services:

With a team of physicians and staff working in coordination to help the community treat and prevent illness.

Also ensuring that patients and their families have the resources they need, from birth through adulthood, ensuring that people in the community maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Behavioral health services:

With an integrated approach provides access to all health care and support services for children and families seeking care and support.

Child and Family Services:

Providing “accessible, comprehensive, innovative and culturally competent” education and support services to children, families and individuals from before birth through adulthood, designed to promote optimal development and economic stability.

Residential services programs:

For women, men and families with ongoing substance use, mental health and trauma issues.

The program offers structured, comprehensive support using best practices including trauma-informed care, motivational interviewing, harm reduction, music, art, yoga and other expressive therapies.

Emergency Shelter Program:

Aims to reduce barriers for families who are having difficulty finding affordable and safe housing.

Individuals can stay up to 120 days and have ongoing support from a variety of professionals to access health and community-based programs.

Focused on three main areas: medical care, behavioral health services, and youth and family services.

The Dimock Center has been nationally recognized as a model for the delivery of high-quality, low-cost, integrated care for the community that otherwise would not be accessible.

Anyone can go, and you don’t have to have insurance, services are not free, but you can get discounts based on your income level and family size.

Source: https://dimock.org/

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