Greater Lawrence Family Health Center receives great recognition

The mission of the Greater Lawrence Family Health Center is to improve and maintain the health of individuals and families in the Merrimack Valley.

It provides a network of comprehensive health care services and trains health care professionals to serve a culturally diverse population.

Health Care at the Greater Lawrence Family Health Center

GLFHC provides primary health care for children and adults.

This includes prenatal care, obstetrics, pediatrics, elder care, gynecology, internal medicine, disease prevention and health education.

It provides the highest quality patient experience and innovative solutions to improve health outcomes.

Can I come to the center if I do not speak English?

Yes, perinatal, pediatric and adult primary care services are staffed by bilingual/bicultural staff members and all providers speak Spanish.

Additionally, live translation services are available for 17 other languages, and Greater Lawrence Family Health Center makes every effort to serve patients who need assistance in a language other than English.

Who serves the Greater Lawrence Family Health Center?

GLFHC providers are family medicine physicians, nurse practitioners and certified physician assistants.

The entire team is trained to treat most conditions and provide comprehensive care for people of all ages – acute, chronic and chronic care.

What type of care does the center provide?

Health services are patient-centered: in addition to diagnosing and treating illnesses, they also provide preventive care.

This includes routine check-ups, health risk assessments, vaccinations and screenings, and personalized advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

The center also addresses, in coordination with other subspecialists, chronic diseases ranging from heart disease, stroke and hypertension to diabetes, cancer and asthma, among others.

Although the health centers do not provide free care, some people can receive services at no charge if they are unable to pay.

Patients pay for services based on income, and no one is denied care based on insurance status or ability to pay.

What services does the Greater Lawrence Family Health Center offer?

The Greater Lawrence Family Health Center provides a variety of specialized services including:

Laboratory services:

Provided directly at the community center, so results are available quickly and treatment can be provided immediately.

Pharmacy services:

Available not only to patients but to the community at large. Comprehensive counseling so patients can understand their medication and how to take it.

Transgender care services:

Access to informed, high-quality care for trans women and men, or anyone with health needs unique to their diverse gender, expressions and identities.

Comprehensive HIV care for adults and children:

  • Access to counseling, testing, primary and specialty care for people living with HIV.
  • Ongoing monitoring of patients, ensuring that all testing and interventions are completed and medications are monitored, as well as providing nursing care.
  • The Greater Lawrence Family Health Center is piloting the PrEP Program, prescribing it to at-risk patients and raising awareness among GLFHC providers.
  • It also seeks to expand the use of PrEP in the general primary care setting to reduce the overall number of new HIV infections in the area.

Health Care for the Homeless Program:

  • Serves more than 1,100 patients at community sites throughout the Merrimack Valley, providing primary medical care directly to this patient population in shelters, drop-in centers and soup kitchens.
  • Provides assistance in obtaining medications, health insurance and directs homeless patients to local resources for food, emergency shelter, permanent housing and job training.

Addiction Treatment Program:

Provides comprehensive care for those struggling with opioid use disorder, with a rapid intake process, ongoing support, on-site lab and pharmacy, among others.

Greater Lawrence Family Health Center Mobile Health Unit:

Treats homeless patients in the communities in which they reside, providing them with primary and specialty care they might not otherwise receive.

Travels to sites in Haverhill, Lawrence, Lowell and Tewksbury.

Community Support

GLFHC employs nearly 750 employees who are dedicated to improving and maintaining the health of individuals and families in the Merrimack Valley.

This health center is ranked among the top ten employers in the Lawrence area.

In its workforce, 65% of employees are bicultural Latinos and 75% of employees are bilingual.

GLFHC annually celebrates National Community Health Center Week (NCHCW) with activities for both employees and patients to enjoy.

This is an opportunity to recognize the contributions of its employees and to raise awareness of the resources they provide to our community.

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