Health Calendar 2023

The 2023 health calendar and global days offer great potential to increase awareness and understanding of health issues.

In this way, support for action can be mobilized, from the local community to the international level.

Throughout the year there are many days around the world related to specific health issues or conditions.

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My Health Fair supports these initiatives

We aim to raise visibility and awareness of the existence of diseases and the impact they have on the lives of those who suffer from them and their families.

Our mission is to help organizations, healthcare providers, healthcare professionals, caregivers and the community at large to raise awareness.

We want everyone to know that anyone can suffer from an illness at any time in their lives.

However, with the right information and resources, this disease can be prevented, cured or treated.

My Health Fair - Health Calendar 2023

Health Calendar 2023 is useful for health professionals and organizations

The more knowledge, information and resources there are about various pathologies, the better.

This is because the more that is known, the greater the likelihood not only of detecting them at an early stage, but also of making it possible to improve conditions and treatments.

As well as getting a diagnosis as early as possible.

This calendar allows the community to participate in the care of their health.

Also, it promotes quality information and self-care not only for the patient but also for the family and society.

Today it is common to attend an appointment online or to make a consultation remotely.

These positive changes not only have an impact on patients, but also on healthcare professionals and organizations, forcing them to play a more active role.

It is clear that informed patients are better patients and make better decisions about their health, they need to know as much as possible about the disease and its consequences.

With the calendar you will be able to make known all the information about a specific date of a health problem that requires special attention.

Download this health calendar here at My Health Fair.

Information tool for the community

The purpose of this calendar is, on the one hand, to improve the quantity and quality of information and resources provided by health professionals, organizations and providers.

And, on the other hand, to improve the information available from other sources to which users usually have access, such as that found on the Internet.

This can represent a risk, since it is possible to access pages with little scientific reliability or when the interest is purely advertising.

Share this information with the community, patients, friends and family.

The more people know about how to prevent, cure and treat diseases, as well as support organizations and programs that strive to improve conditions or scientific contributions to cure diseases, the longer the life expectancy and the better the quality of life of people suffering from chronic diseases.

Receive the health calendar totally free, just download it here at My Health Fair.

Information on the My Health Fair website should not be construed as professional advice or medical recommendations.

Readers should direct any questions regarding personal health care to licensed physicians or other appropriate health care professionals.