Health Calendar 2024: Health Resources and Dates to Remember

International health days offer great potential for raising awareness and understanding of health challenges.

They are a call to action that resonates from local communities to the international stage.

The importance of having a calendar of important health dates

  • It allows us to stay informed about events and campaigns related to promoting healthy lifestyles and preventing diseases. 
  • These dates give us the opportunity to reflect on our health and take steps to improve it. Furthermore, a calendar of important health dates allows us to organize and plan our actions. 
  • We can mark on the calendar the dates when we want to undergo medical check-ups, vaccinations, or participate in sports or wellness activities.

Downloadable health calendar: Stay informed, stay healthy!

Health Calendar 2024: Health Resources and Dates to Remember
Health Calendar 2024: Health Resources and Dates to Remember

January: Healthy Weight Week. Focus on maintaining a healthy weight for overall well-being and Thyroid Awareness Month: understand and promote awareness of thyroid-related issues.

February: National Cancer Prevention Month. Emphasize prevention strategies and screenings and Heart Month. Raise awareness about heart health and cardiovascular diseases.

March: Women’s History Month. Celebrate women’s contributions to health and society.

April: Autism Awareness Month: raise awareness and encourage understanding of autism.

May: Focus on women’s health and well-being and Skin Cancer Awareness Month.

June: Dedicated to men’s health: Advocate for awareness and screenings for men’s health.

July: UV Safety, to promote sun safety and prevent skin damage.

August: Month to celebrate the benefits of breastfeeding for both mother and child.

September: Childhood Cancer Awareness. Support children and families affected by cancer.

October: Advocacy for awareness and destigmatization of mental health and Breast Cancer Awareness and Early Detection.

November: Alzheimer’s Awareness Month: raise awareness and support those affected by Alzheimer’s.

December: To promote awareness, prevention, and support for those affected by HIV/AIDS.

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At, we want to encourage awareness and knowledge of the importance of taking care of our health.

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