My Health Fair: how this health fair came about

My Health Fair: its origin

In 2020, when we were unaware of the impact of the COVID19 pandemic, Romina Wimot materialized a project she had been working on for some years and launched My Health Fair.

It is a virtual health fair on demand, with the objective of connecting English and Spanish-speaking audiences with public-private healthcare organizations.

At this fair, people can learn about available health coverage services, with content in Spanish.

This fulfills the mission of overcoming language barriers and low health literacy in vulnerable and hard-to-reach populations.

How it works

The virtual fair has information areas where the person can go to each table to learn about the benefits offered by each exhibitor.

All of our vendors’ tables are customizable and although they show common information for each participant, they can include the information they consider and update it periodically.

Be part of our virtual health fair

We convene health care organizations to promote relevant information in their local communities.

Vendors offer services in areas that are generally critical to Latino communities such as:

  • Health provider programs,
  • Elder care and home care,
  • Dental health care,
  • Social services,
  • Food bank,
  • Mental health,
  • Prevention and treatment of acute illnesses, among others.

What we do to give visibility to our health fair

To give more visibility to our vendors and serve as a meeting point for the Latino community; we permanently create valuable content that we promote in all our social networks.

These contents are about relevant topics in which each of our vendors are specialists, such as nutrition, mental health, food safety, cancer, social services and more.

Today we want to thank all the referrers and organizations for promoting access to the programs they lead for the benefit of the community.

Our purpose is to reach out through our articles, videos and posts with simple and easy to understand language to increase the health literacy rate and that more and more people have access to health services.

We invite you to celebrate with us and read our 2021 impact report and learn more about our achievements and vision for the next 5 years.

2021 Annual Impact Report