My Health Fair team: a team with purpose

The My Health Fair team aims to connect with the Massachusetts audience with a deeper sense of focus on their health needs.

Romina Wilmot is the creator of My Health Fair, an On Demand virtual health fair and is the leader of this team.

My Health Fair team: how we achieve our purpose

An overarching goal prevails in this project that identifies and engages the group.

It is to connect English and Spanish-speaking audiences with public-private health care organizations.

The idea is to make people aware of the coverage services available through a virtual health fair.

In this way, we fulfill our mission to overcome language barriers and low health literacy in vulnerable and hard-to-reach populations.

This shared purpose and vision has defined the identity and essence of the team, with a genuine interest in incorporating not only expertise as Latina women but as professionals in complementary areas.

This has allowed us to:

  • Attract new participants to the fair,
  • Generate valuable information to increase audience interactions,
  • Align ourselves with the needs and pain points in health education issues of the Latino community in the Massachusetts area.

My Health Fair team: who is behind the project?

Clara Peláez: Project Manager and content creator

In the process of structuring and launching the project, Clara Peláez joined the team.

Initially she was the Project Manager of the project, materializing the objective of offering an easy to navigate website for the users.

Clara is a Latino immigrant with a great sense of empowerment that gives the communities to stay informed about important aspects such as:

  • Health services,
  • Education,
  • Finance for inclusion in a new society.

From this perspective she is in charge of generating content for our Vblog, where we deal organically with valuable information offered by the organizations that participate in the fair.

We also develop topics of interest in health, services and that generate a positive impact for the community.

Learn more about Clara.

Ale Carreón: digital marketing creative

A young Latina professional with extensive experience in creative areas of marketing, specializing in the design, development, implementation and continuity of digital marketing campaigns.

Her biggest challenges have been:

  • Connecting with the U.S. Hispanic audience on health issues, to let them know the benefits of My Health Fair.
  • Transforming the technical language of the fair’s participants to make it easier for the Latino community to understand.

Her greatest satisfactions have been:

  • The acceptance of the audience for the use of the My Health Fair platform.
  • The monthly communication with the Newsletter.

Thanks to these achievements, little by little a community has been formed in the social networks interested in health issues.

More about Ale.

Verónica Pedraza: SEO specialist and translator

To successfully complete our team, Verónica Pedraza, a Venezuelan professional specialist in SEO (search engine optimization) and translator of our contents, joined us.

Her biggest challenge has been to give visibility to the website in front of the audience that can benefit from the services offered by the participants of the fair.

Veronica is very sensitive and aware of the importance of providing useful and easily accessible information to Latinos in Massachusetts.

Especially on topics related to health.

Therefore, her greatest satisfaction is that with this project she can help a person with health needs to have access to quality services.

She is an excellent accompanist of marketing strategies with the purpose of achieving the best results as a team.

She is also an expert in creating quality content that balances the requirements to better position MHF with the naturalness and quality needed to win over web visitors.

About Verónica.