Romina Wilmot: Her Vision of Health Through My Health Fair

Romina Wilmot, an immigrant woman, stands out as a leader in the fight for community health.

She is dedicated to uplifting her community and fostering wellness, a journey deeply rooted in love and commitment.

Founder of My Health Fair, Romina Wilmot has seamlessly woven her passion for community health into a comprehensive digital platform:

Romina Wilmot My Health Fair project

By partnering with newspapers such as El Mundo Boston, My Health Fair extends its vision and mission through informative articles that shed light on vital health issues.

Romina’s dedication and partnership with El Mundo is a testament to the strong support she receives as a leader and advocate for health in her community.

In a recent conversation, Romina Wilmot shared her work and the profound impact My Health Fair has had on her community.

When asked about the inception of her project, Romina told us about the labor of love it represents.

My Health Fair was created during the difficult times of the pandemic and emerged as a virtual information platform.

It is a place where health organizations connect with the Anglo and Hispanic communities to provide critical health information, presented by bilingual experts, accessible to all.

Romina Wilmot in “La Hora del Café”

Emigrating with her family to the United States at the age of 11, Romina observed that her parents had a difficult time navigating the healthcare system.

Her empathy and motivation led her to a path where she advocates for health awareness in her community.

Romina Wilmot also has experience in community education on related topics such as MassHealth coverage, mental health, social services, elder care, among others.

My Health Fair: Bridging the Gap Between Health Organizations and The Community

The My Health Fair project is a relevant platform that aligns with current community needs.

It is a living testimony to Romina’s commitment.

For a year and a half, the platform has provided on-demand virtual health fairs, offering accessible information 24/7.

The goal is simple but profound: to bridge the gap between health organizations and the community, promote health services and encourage informed choices.

Romina Wilmot: Testimony of Female Leadership

As a woman in a leadership role, Romina recognizes the challenges but emphasizes the importance of dedication.

Balancing motherhood and her role as a community advocate, Romina continues to give her all.

Romina is guided by her belief that what one loves and is passionate about becomes the driving force to achieve and execute any idea.

In the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, My Health Fair a source of knowledge and empowerment for people seeking crucial health information for those who need it most.

Romina Wilmot’s journey is a testament to the power of love, commitment and unwavering dedication to creating a healthier, more informed community.

This platform is not only creating a healthier community, but also shaping a future where information is a powerful tool for change.