Romina Wilmot nominated for Hispanic Woman of Inspiration of 2022

Romina Wilmot, CEO and founder of My Health Fair, was nominated for Hispanic Inspirational Woman of the Year by the organization Inspiración Hispana.

Inspiration for U.S. Hispanics

The impact of Hispanic culture in the United States is such that Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated by presidential decree.

This annual holiday runs through mid-October and honors the contribution of Latinos to the culture and development of the country.

Many Latino-led organizations want to leave their mark and serve as an inspiration to other Hispanics.

Through real stories of Hispanics who immigrated to the United States, who have overcome their own fears and who are now leaders, they can inspire the Latino community in American society.

Hispanic Inspirational Woman of the Year: Latina Stories

As part of this movement, the organization Hispana Realizada has called Romina Wilmot, creator of My Health Fair, to the fourth edition of the book Hispanic Inspiration.

This book gathers 49 testimonials with stories of Latinas who have set a course and have excelled in different professional scenarios leaving their Hispanic heritage high.

Romina Wilmot My Health Fair

In her testimony, Romina reviews her professional experience in S&P500 companies in the area of communications and marketing.

She had the opportunity to lead healthcare business development projects and the implementation of national and local marketing strategies.

She also speaks of her dedication to raising awareness and educating the public about the health care available to immigrants in the multicultural community of Massachusetts.

This is how Romina Wilmot launched her project: My Health Fair

Motivated by this mission, Romina shares how she materialized a project she had been working on for a few years and launched My Health Fair in 2021.

It is a virtual health fair on demand, with the objective of connecting English and Spanish-speaking audiences with public-private healthcare organizations.

The idea is to inform them of available coverage services through a virtual health fair.

In this way, the mission of overcoming language barriers and low literacy in health services in vulnerable and hard-to-reach populations is accomplished.

Romina Wilmot: what’s next for My Health Fair

Today projects itself as an inclusive source of information, serving as a meeting point between the community and health care providers.

This has increased visibility and growth with impact on health outcomes and literacy for communities that lack knowledge and resources.

The presentation of the book Inspiración Hispana, fourth edition, and presentation of the Hispanic Inspirational Woman of the Year award, was held on September 15.

This event was held at The Grand Ivy Point at 302 Satellite Blvd NE STE 104, Suwanee, GA 30024.

For more information, visit Inspiración Hispana.