Steps to start a Therapy Process

The therapy process brings together a series of sessions to give the person who is experiencing some difficulty with their mental health a better understanding of what they are doing, feeling and thinking.

A therapist facilitates the expansion of your state of consciousness through which you recognize how you are part of the situation you are suffering from and how to do something to address it.

The therapy process will help you recognize and understand:

  • The way you handle the situation
  • The way you get along with others.
  • What is the meaning you associate with something?
  • How do you respond to situations or people?
  • How does your lifestyle affect others?
  • What do you do to resist your happiness?
  • How does the world and people affect how you feel and how you live?

That is why it is important to consider the therapy process as a treatment for a variety of mental health problems.

What are the steps that take place in a therapy process?

Becoming aware in the therapy process:

You have a head start because you have become aware that something in you needs attention and management.

The therapist’s job is to accompany you so that you can bring out all that is there and you can open up and become aware of it.

It is awareness that will play a leading role at different times in your treatment process, not just at the beginning.


This step becomes evident when you know yourself.

At this stage, it is time to make a decision, it is about choosing what does us good and what serves to empower us, and discarding what limits, hurts or exhausts us.

Learning from the therapy process:

There are several factors here, information, understanding, updates, tools and resources to manage different aspects of your life.

Information is introducing new concepts, new ways of understanding, which will lead you to new ways of doing things.

This step will allow us to introduce simple and practical changes gradually to connect with ourselves in healthier ways, giving way to the release of old patterns that can limit us. In this phase we begin to feel a new energy, already having a clearer mind.

Return to feeling:

As the process progresses, many things begin to feel familiar, it is about reconnecting with what you knew before therapy and what you have learned and healed during the process.


When we answer the question “who are you?” it is not just a psychological reaction, but an expression of what we really feel, and what we have individually come to in order to reconnect with the essence and feel relieved. It is a state of wholeness, peace, love and compassion.

The treatment process is long term and the effect is gradual, for this reason people who take this step must be patient and trust the guidance of their therapist.

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