What is National Health Center Week and why do we celebrate it?

All about National Health Center Week

My Health Fair is joining in the celebration of National Health Center Week, which this year runs from August 7-13.

Its main objective is to raise awareness about the mission and accomplishments of America’s health centers.

This celebration is promoted by the National Association of Community Health Centers and has been held for more than thirty years.

How this celebration originated

Community health centers were established in December 1965.

The first was called Columbia Point Health Center, and was founded by Dr. H. Jack Geiger of Harvard University and Dr. Count Gibson of Tufts University.

Renamed in 1990, the Geiger-Gibson Community Health Center became the model for 25 other community health centers in Boston.

Today, Harbor Health continues to respond to current and emerging health needs in communities not only in Boston, but also on the South Shore and Cape Cod.

Who benefits from these health centers?

More than 34,000 patients a year receive care at Harbor’s five community health centers, offering medical, dental, pharmacy and social support services.

There are also two Comprehensive Senior Care Programs in Mattapan and Brockton.

These options provide comprehensive health care, transportation and social services to more than 450 frail seniors who continue to live with dignity and independence in the community.

What is National Health Center Week for?

National Health Center Week aims to make visible the achievements, impact, as well as spread the word about the importance of community health centers.

It also seeks to advocate for long-term funding and sustainability for community health centers to ensure continuity of services for years to come.

How do community health centers work?

Community Health Centers serve as a meeting point between patients and professionals in different states providing comprehensive care to migrant workers, the homeless and the community at large.

They also provide low-cost health services; in the case of no or insufficient health insurance, patients can pay for services based on their income level and family size.

Whether insured or uninsured, everyone is welcome to use the community health centers.

We want to raise awareness of the immigrant and homeless communities in our area and show our support for the health centers that serve our community in Massachusetts.

What is the role of health centers?

Community health centers are vitally important in providing primary care and public health care to low-income and uninsured social groups.

These centers operate under federal standards and are classified as clinical care providers and not-for-profit.

They are also part of the National Healthcare Safety Net.

Serving millions of patients each year, they provide solutions to urgent health care problems to ensure access for all.

Today we want to recognize the valuable work and services that health centers provide in the community, sharing their interest and effort to build a healthier nation.

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My Health Fair is celebrating National Health Center Week August 7-13, 2022.

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