Celebrating Women Leaders: Making a Difference in Healthcare in Massachusetts

Celebrating Women Leaders: Making a Difference in Healthcare in Massachusetts

We take a moment to honor and celebrate the extraordinary contributions of women leaders shaping the healthcare landscape in Massachusetts.

We are privileged to work alongside women playing pivotal roles in promoting health and wellness for all.

Nancy Peña – Navigating Towards Wellbeing: Empowerment and Access to Healthcare

She is a local and international leader in patient navigation. Currently serving as Director and Founder of Patient Navigation Internacional, Inc., a nonprofit organization that trains and certifies patient navigators in seven Latin American countries. Nancy’s dedication to empowering patients and improving access to healthcare is unparalleled.

As Lead Patient Navigator at Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women’s Cancer Center (DFBWCC) since 2005.

She works diligently to support and guide patients with abnormal Pap smear results or high risk of cervical cancer.

She collaborates with DFCI departments to educate Hispanic communities about the importance of cervical cancer prevention.

Nancy’s impact on the Hispanic community and the most vulnerable is significant:

She educates patients about the importance of attending medical appointments for cervical cancer prevention, dispelling misconceptions and providing invaluable information.

She emphasizes the importance of HPV vaccination, empowering families to take proactive steps toward prevention.

In addition to her clinical work, she provides patients with resources in their communities.

Including transportation assistance, English classes, and legal counseling, addressing various barriers to accessing healthcare.

Nancy’s message to the community is:

“Don’t be afraid to seek medical attention, especially when you have an abnormal Pap smear result. You can prevent cervical cancer and help your children prevent HPV. Ask questions during your medical appointments and learn about your health. An informed patient can make better decisions about their overall care.”

Medghine Stinfort – Promoting Care and Support for People with Dementia

Dementia Care Consultant at the Alzheimer’s Association.

She has been making a difference in the lives of families affected by dementia for over a year.

Her role focuses on providing care and support to families and individuals living with dementia, with an emphasis on the Haitian community.

Medghine’s impact on the Haitian community is significant:

By breaking language barriers and increasing engagement through translation, outreach, and education, she ensures underserved communities have access to vital resources and support.

Her efforts to translate materials into Haitian Creole and offer programs are invaluable steps towards improving dementia care within the Haitian community.

In her message to the community, Medghine emphasizes the importance of expanding culturally and linguistically appropriate education and services for the Haitian community.

“By building on existing community connections and translating materials, we can have a substantial impact on dementia care.”

Ana Paola Garza Naveda – Driving Latino Community Engagement in Medical Research

She is a leader committed to the health and well-being of the Latino community in Boston.

Originally from Mexico City, she arrived in Boston in 2011 with a clear mission:

To improve health and prevent degenerative diseases, such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s, among Latinos.

Ana Paola has been working in the healthcare sector since 2014, as Director of Community Engagement at the Massachusetts Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center (MADRC).

She has been dedicated to promoting the importance of Latino community participation in medical research studies.

Offers talks and programs, with hospital doctors, to provide opportunities for participation in research studies.

Ana Paola’s impact on the Latino community is undeniable.

Her dedication to educating about dementia and signs of brain aging has empowered the community to take proactive steps in brain health.

Her work to eliminate fear of accessing healthcare and participating in clinical research has opened new doors for a better quality of life and a healthier future for all.

“I invite everyone to participate in medical research. By doing so, you not only help future generations, but you also contribute to the advancement of science and disease cure.”

Her passion and commitment to community health are a true testament to the power of women’s leadership in healthcare.

Angela Abad – Promoting Mental Health in the Hispanic Community of Boston

Angela, born in Colombia and Ecuador, has called Boston home for a decade. As a single mother, she has shown remarkable resilience and determination. A professional in Psychology, she has specialized in digital marketing and production in the United States.

She is a staunch advocate for mental health and has produced and directed “Without Mental Health, There Is No Health”.

A program supported by El Mundo Boston and hosted by Dr. Félix Torres.

She is leading a new project to nurture young talents in areas such as art, journalism, and production, through an innovative internship program, aiming to engage younger generations, offering a creative space and assisting them in their professional development, fostering a positive digital environment.

As Director of Digital Marketing, she has positively impacted the Hispanic community by developing educational programs and providing resources for mental health.

Her goal is to promote inclusion, establish safe environments, and offer reliable information to address gaps in assistance and knowledge about mental health.

Angela’s final message is clear:

“Let’s keep learning and working together for a mentally healthier community! It’s important to continue our journey towards a more functional and supportive community.

By staying informed and engaging in open conversations, we can make a real difference in the well-being of our community members. Together, we can build a stronger and more resilient community for ourselves and future generations.”

Recognizing the Impact and Dedication of Women in Healthcare in Massachusetts

We want to extend our sincerest recognition to all women tirelessly working in organizations linked to myhealthfair.

We also want to thank the team of women at El Mundo Boston for their dedication and commitment to community health.

To all the women on the myhealthfair.com team, who make our mission possible.

We want to pay tribute to the women of Massachusetts, who day by day care for the health of their loved ones.