What is Options Counseling in Massachusetts and how can it benefit seniors and their caregivers?

Options Counseling in Massachusetts, is a valuable service available to adults over 60 years old, as well as their family members and caregivers.

It is a process designed to help individuals make informed decisions about the support services available to them.

From healthcare to housing and community services, options counseling provides guidance and clarity at a crucial moment in life.

What does Options Counseling in Massachusetts involve?

Is a collaborative process involving trained professionals working alongside seniors and their families.

It serves to identify specific needs and explore different avenues of support available.

During these sessions, options such as:

Home care programs, day centers, grocery delivery services, transportation, and much more are discussed.


  1. Informed Decision Making:

One of the main benefits is that it empowers families to make informed decisions about their care and well-being.

  1. Access to Resources:

Identifying and accessing community resources and services that can meet the specific needs of each individual.

  1. Emotional Support:

Provides a safe space to discuss concerns and emotions related to aging and making important decisions.

  1. Long-Term Planning:

Seniors can plan for the long term and take proactive steps to ensure their future well-being.

Eligibility and Cost

It is a free service for adults over 60 years old, living with a disability, and their families and caregivers.

How to Access in Massachusetts

It is available through a variety of service providers: government agencies, non-profit organizations, and healthcare providers.

Seniors and their families can contact a social services agency for more information and to request options counseling.

Resources in Massachusetts

Some of the main providers of options counseling in Massachusetts are:

  1. Aging Services Access Points (ASAPs):

They are liaison agencies that coordinate and provide access to a wide range of services for seniors and people with disabilities.

Many ASAPs offer options counseling services as part of their independent living support programs.

  1. Senior Services Access Points:

They offer a variety of services and resources for seniors, including options counseling to help people plan for their long-term care and make informed decisions about their well-being.

  1. MassOptions:

It is a free information and counseling service that connects people with resources and services for seniors and people with disabilities in Massachusetts.

MassOptions can help people find options counseling services near their area.

  1. Hospitals and Health Centers:

Many hospitals and health centers in Massachusetts offer options counseling services as part of their support programs for elderly patients and people with disabilities.

  1. Human Services Agencies:

State and local human services agencies may also offer options counseling services as part of their support programs for seniors and people with disabilities.

It is important to contact these providers directly for information about services, availability, and eligibility requirements.

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Our sources: https://www.massoptions.org/