My Health Fair presents its new website: free health resources for the whole community!

We at My Health Fair are pleased to present our revamped website.

Now more dynamic, user-friendly and with valuable content to provide our visitors with health information and resources!

My Health Fair: A Variety of Health Resources

We invite you to browse through a visually appealing, device-friendly design that makes it easy to find free health resources in Massachusetts.

With enhanced buttons and intuitive features, discover a wealth of information at your fingertips.

My Health Fair new website

My Health Fair: Connecting Communities

This is a bilingual virtual fair that serves as a bridge between English and Spanish speakers and healthcare organizations.

We overcome language barriers and low health literacy with a platform designed and intended for inclusion.

Our mission is to empower vulnerable and hard-to-reach populations by providing them with essential information and services, 365 days a year.

We invite all health providers: Participate in the transformation of health!

Are you a health-focused organization looking to reach a diverse audience?

My Health Fair invites you to be part of this transformative virtual experience.

Showcase your services, connect with a broader community and be a vital part of improving health outcomes in our state.

Advantages for the Organizations participating in the fair:

  • Bilingual virtual health fair.
  • Reach a diverse audience: interact with Spanish-speaking communities, expanding your impact.
  • 365-day presence: unlike physical trade shows, our virtual platform ensures that your information is accessible every day, creating continuous connections.
  • User-friendly interface: offer your services in an attractive and easy-to-navigate space, increasing visibility and participation.

Calling Latinos to participate in our Virtual Health Fair:

My Health Fair is ideal for free, comprehensive health information.

Explore, learn and ensure your wellness.

Visit the virtual fair today and discover a world of free resources tailored to your needs.

Join us in making health accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Let’s build a healthier community together!

Information contained on the My Health Fair website should not be construed as professional advice or medical recommendations.

Readers should direct any questions regarding their personal health care to licensed physicians or other appropriate health professionals.